freja999 (freja999) wrote,


2008?  I have something to say to you.

You fucking sucked.  The whole of your year was coloured in a creeping misery of despair.  You're gone and done with and I'm glad to be rid of you!  All the good things that happened during your year were like borrowing from different dimensions, as Time is one.  Whether it was 1993, 2007 or 2009, or any number of years that are not YOU,  those brief moments of respite from your clutches were what made you bearable.  The ones who Love me, truly Love me, they were never a part of you.  They are constant, unlike you.  You have ended.  I'm glad for it.  Good riddance!

NS and SF and LA and Bmore?  That was 1993 and 2009/2010.

Memorial Weekend?  That was 2007.

The campaign and Election.  Yeah, baby, that's 200-fuckyeah-9!

My everlong true Loves and Friends?  They are timeless.  Timeless.  No fucking year can contain what is True.

2009 already kicks ass!



Time to clean my guns.  And buy a new slide.

Kiss off! 



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