freja999 (freja999) wrote,

Another Snowy Evening

Some of you may be sick of all this snow, but not I.

Lullaby has been sung, kids kissed and tucked in.
Doors locked and kitchen tidied for the morning.

Lights out.  All of them.  But through my wall of windows, facing the back towards the wood it beckons.

Silverlined limbs and shrouded ground, softly glowing sky of still falling crystal dust.

Not a shadow cast.  No dark corners.  Just Beauty and Wonder.

I sit on my couch, arms on the back cushion, rest my chin on my wrist and just watch for a moment, a quiet moment.  I watch a deer walk by.

Breathe.  It's really quite lovely to have a simple moment
My Backyard
 A lonesome Deer------------------------------------------------------------My Backyard
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